Friday, January 12, 2007

First Day of PALs

Mae started PALs today. This "Mom & Me" class at the preschool is for ages 18months through 2.5. At 2.5 they can enter the Caterpillar class. I found that my boys transitioned easily to Caterpillars after a year in the program; they knew the building, the teachers, the routine, the songs etc. I can't believe that Ted was Mae's age when Sam was born. Tara took Ted to his first day of PALs...on Sept. 5, the day after Sam was born. Crazy!! Mae had a great time, although she was really really pooped by Shabbat Sing and was a grump from about noon on. It's a big day! Tonight we meet up with 2 local families and 2 out of state families for a mini-reunion of Travel Group 950! I can't wait. It was 4 degrees today...these poor people. Hard to convince them that Colorado is usually a sunny, warm paradise!

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Beth and Shayna said...

Mae looks great with her little bag with her name on it. Hard to believe she is starting a 'pre' preschool class. How fun!