Thursday, January 18, 2007

Woe is me

I have so much to post about and no computer! Well, I have Paul's (obviously, since I am posting!) but I managed to crack the screen on my Powerbook. How the heck did I manage that, you ask? I have no idea, but it's pretty clear that my thumb did the damage. It will cost $800 to repair or $1100 for a new one. It's a bivio computer, so it's up to them...eek. Sorry, guys! Another blogger friend always uses bullets when she has a lot to say and no way of transitioning between thoughts. So here's my first try at bullets! Without pictures or videos, I had to try something new!
  • I can't post Mae's swimming video from today, but we are making progress. She is a really TIGHT kid and arches her back, which makes turning over difficult! A sweatshirt helps weigh her down so the arching is less severe and today we put her in shoes and tied them together with a shoelace so she can't open her legs as widely as she does, making her kicking much more efficient. Good stuff! I'm not sure when I'll be able to upload today's video, but look for it on the right side eventually!
  • Tomorrow night is Mae's naming at Har HaShem. It will be a small affair with our chavurah and close friends with us on the bimah. After the quick Tot Shabbat service, a member of our chavurah is having her conversion ceremony (she married a Jew and they are raising their children Jewish and she decided to convert...I guess after all these years of 'doing Jewish' she figured she might as well!) She is a great friend and I am so happy we are able to share our simchas! The oneg afterwards will be a fun affair with all of our friends. Then Saturday is birthday party day...everyone has one, at different times and places and no siblings are invited to them...what a run-around kind of day! Oh well. It will be fun too!
  • I am on such a cooking high. This afternoon Ted and I baked Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins for snack tomorrow. The Pre-K Wolves are going on a Field Trip to a dinosaur museum at CU (?) and they will need a good snack upon their return. Apple slices will round out the snack. The muffins are RIDICULOUSLY healthy...and somehow DELICIOUS. How is that possible? I've never seen so much flaxseed and whole grain flour in one recipe. SO good. Sam wants them for his snack day too.
  • Along those lines, I am planning a scrumptious meal for Sunday dinner just for fun (Paul is in heaven. Magic Loafs aside, I think he is pretty psyched at the food being prepared each night.) Here's the menu, all from the Vegan Lunch Box cookbook, of course. Massur Dal & Carrot Soup, Spelt Biscuits, Best Brussels Sprouts and Cherry Chip Brownies for dessert. Mmm. I also plan to have the boys help me whip up some 'Eat Your Oatmeal' Waffles or Pancakes, probably with the required 1/4 cup chocolate chips that somehow morph everything into a delicious treat.
  • Ted did great at his swim class today! Judy wants to move him out of the class he's in and into a Strokes class once he masters the side stroke (the 3rd stroke they learn, he's got 1 & 2 down) so we have some 'out of the water' homework to do this week to help facilitate that. He is just too nuts in the water to be with those timid 3.5 year-olds and is doing really well with Kim, his (male) instructor. Hooray! This is the ONE sport I want to keep him in, to help with his asthma, so I am thrilled that we are making progress.
  • I probably won't be able to post pics (they upload from the camera to the Mac) or videos for a while. What a bummer. But I hope to continue posting and I'll go back in and put any relevant pictures or videos up, once I get a computer back again.
That bullet thing is pretty nice. I feel like I've made a nice, neat list of everything I wanted to say. Tomorrow Mae has PALs and then we are going to have lunch at VG, a vegan 'burger' place that just opened (they have SUPER soy milkshakes and delicious chili too!). I hope the kids will nap well tomorrow in preparation for Mae's big night! See you on Sunday!

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Beth and Shayna said...

Mazel Tov to Mae. Have a great weekend. I cannot wait until you can post pictures soon, we love seeing the kids!