Thursday, February 22, 2007

18 months old

Mae is acting so old for an 18-month old.
  • She doesn't ever stop talking. Already.
  • She is firmly in the Terrible Two's when she doesn't get her way.
  • She's sleeping through the night!!!!! (we think this might be because she no longer has an 8oz bottle of whole cow's milk before bed....hmmm...)
  • She likes PALs even though I follow her around saying "Be nice" the whole time.
  • She's still a great eater, thank goodness.
  • She has radar for another Chinese girl...she can spot 'em a mile away and will stare intently, to the point of walking backwards to keep her in view. Interesting how early that started.
  • Her giggle is contagious; her screams are deafening.
  • She gets about 2 time-outs a day, for hitting, biting or scratching (in her booster chair).
  • She hates the car and screams 90% of the time she is in it. Hoping the winter coat is part of this problem...
  • She is smart as a whip (what does that mean? that a whip smarts when it hits you?) and can follow complex directions (when she chooses, of course).
  • She picks her clothes out in the morning when I let her and always has to have the final word on the shoes.
  • She knows 2 colors (yellow & blue) and 2 shapes (circle & triangle).
  • She is FUN!
(And she'll get her official 18-month portraits done this weekend, by my friend Wendy (Alex's mom, Ted's Bionicles buddy.)


Beth said...

Wow, I cannot believe Mae is 18 months old. She is doing so much too. I am so happy for you that she is sleeping through the night, YIPPEE!!

We cannot wait to see you Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Boy is she ever doing a lot! What a beauty. I'm so very happy for you!! - Trace