Sunday, February 18, 2007

More fun with Zevvie

Today Zevvie got to come to Apex with us. Z wanted to go swimming, but since he hasn't taken Infant Aquatics yet, he had to watch instead.

I'm feeling very guilty about our lack of Chinese New Year celebration. Originally we were going to a large party at a friend's from our TG that got cancelled because she got sick. Plan B was to get together with another family from our TG and get take-out. But they backed out too. So it's just us, no decorations, no party, and no Chinese food on the menu. Actually, I could fix the Tofu Lettuce Wraps...maybe I'll do that. Luckily Mae doesn't know or care yet, but I need to plan better. This is a major holiday and to just skip it completely is a shame. Mea cupla, Mae!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Ted looks like he is having fun with Zevvie.

And, the same thing happened to us with CNY. Do not feel bad as I did it too.