Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sam's Turn!

Today Sam got to take home a stuffed Penguin, complete with overnight bag, Sandra Boynton's book, and of course, the obligatory notebook. Too funny! The other classes are starting to do this too-I guess the Wolves liked it so much it was decided that all the classes needed something similar. My favorite part is Davey Jones singing the song! Love it. Look for Adventures with Penguin posts in the future! (Anyone have a suggestion for a name? After the song, I'm leaning towards "Peetey the Penguin," not sure why...)

In Kindergarten news, registration materials arrived in the mail today and they are all completed and ready to be mailed back. There is also a form for a teacher to fill out, so I'll ask Caroline, since her kids go to Horizons and she knows what they're looking for! Fun fun fun!

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Anonymous said...

Awww how cute! Alex's class has a teddy bear. We've already had the pleasure of having him stay with us and it was so fun. Enjoy your company :) - Tracey