Sunday, March 4, 2007

Door to Door *Update*

Next Wednesday's box:

Broccoli (1.00 - ea.)
Red Chard (1.00 - ea.)
Green Leaf Lettuce (1.00 - ea.)
Spinach (1.00 - ea.)
Spinach (1.00 – ea.)
Bananas (4.00 - ea.)
Grapefruit(smaller) (3.00 - ea.)
Carrots (1.00 – ea.)
Navel Oranges (6.00 - ea.)
Fuji Apples (6.00 - ea.)
Carrots (1.00 - ea.)
Green Bell Peppers (1.00 - lb)
Roma Tomatoes (1.00 - lb)
Russet Potatoes (3.00 - lb)

I subbed in carrots and spinach for zucchini, avacado & celery.

Massur Dal & Carrot Soup (VLB)
Ribollita (p52 Veg Slow Cooker)
Chickpea & Spinach Curry (p170 VwaV)
Samosa Filling (p80 VwaV)
Potato Stuffed Green Peppers
Sauteed Spinach

Two of these meals are repeats, plus we are in love with sauteed spinach. Not a particularly 'new and different' meal week, but a delicious one! Oh, and Samosa Filling is basically Aloo Gobi without the Gobi, so it's YUM and delicious on its own with chutney. Mmm.
  • Samosa filling-excellent, easy and delicious. 5 stars. great with mango chutney.
  • Sauteed spinach-always a 4 star side dish. Yum.
  • Chickpea & Spinach Curry-good, but I like it better with lentils. Still good though. 4 stars with the chickpeas.
  • Potato Stuffed Green Peppers-surprisingly good. Paul really liked them. The stuffing was like a fancy mashed potato mixture and the peppers were quite crunchy even after baking. The tomato sauce was a great touch and I added my nutritional yeast/sesame seed blend (aka fake Parmesan) and it was yummy! 3 stars.
  • Massur Dal & Carrot Soup-always delicious. This time I pureed it with my hand blender, which took a while but it was easier than doing it in batches in the blender. I love this soup so much. 5 stars.
  • I got too lazy to do the Ribollita so I just sauteed the chard with this recipe. It was ok. I think I don't love garlicky greens. I do love greens sauteed in balsamic vinegar, so I think I'll just stick with that. 1 star.

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