Saturday, March 10, 2007

more registration!!

Just when I thought I had finished writing out our address and doctor's phone numbers for the zillionth time for Kindergarten registration, we received our Religious School forms from Har HaShem. Oh, my aching hand! More forms (8 pages) and lots of gentle urging to volunteer. I signed up to volunteer for the Pre-K program during High Holy Days. That will be a nice break from services plus I can put Sam in that level and then he won't freak out that he's not with Ted. So, starting in September, Ted will not only begin going to school 5 days a week, he will also start Sunday school. M-F 8am start, Sun 8:30 start. Yawn. I think Saturdays are going to be a REAL Shabbat for in, we won't do a THING but rest! Geesh. I am definately planning to ONLY do swimming with Ted...I think he would get too overwhelmed with much more on his plate. There is no homework in K-1 at Horizons, other than reading time, so at least he won't have that for a few more years. Geesh, it sure gets serious quick around here! I hope he likes it. The other moms and I have already discussed playing up how great it will be to see all their 'preschool friends' at Sunday school and planning play dates for afterwards and such. Hopefully it will be a fun activity and not a drag. Kindergarten Sunday school involves Caroline in some way (Ted's current Pre-K teacher) so it can't be too serious!

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