Saturday, April 28, 2007


TaeKwonDo is a go. This is totally up Ted's alley. The instructor assured him that he could just watch, but that he was welcome to participate if he wanted. He was out on the floor from the get-go. They started with about 8 laps around the floor which got him winded, but he kept doing it. Then they did 20 pushups (or tushie wiggles, in Ted's case). They "sit like a Black Belt" whenever they're not doing something. Ted did a bunch of kicks, blocks & punches. He really enjoyed himself and got along especially well with the instructor's son, who is his age. Tiny Tigers meets from 4:15-4:45 on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays with an optional practice at 10:15 on Saturdays. We can make the Mon/Tue classes the month of May and then in June we can hit all 3 weekday ones, if he wants. They recommend 2-3 classes a week, but you can go to all 4 if you want...the tuition is the same. And it's not any more expensive than soccer, which is what this will be replacing. He got his uniform today and will 'earn' his first (white) belt on Monday when he learns the basics. "Bring your camera," said Brian, the instructor. I love a teacher who's also a parent. Here's the link to his school's website.

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