Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thumbs up for Choc-ful Donuts!

A batch of Sneaky Chef's Choc-ful Donuts yielded 12 mini donuts and 6 mini muffins. Ted ate about 6 donuts and was caught trying to smuggle the leftovers up to his room. Paul wouldn't taste them, only because he saw me fixing them and witnessed the cup of Purple Puree (spinach & blueberries) that went into the batter. These were huge hits with all 3 kids, and I thought they were good too! The texture was a little off, but considering they were baked and not deep-fried, that was OK.
Last night I made up a batch of Pasta Sauce from her book, which included Orange (carrots & sweet potatoes), White (cauliflower & zucchini) & White Bean Purees. The sauce was delicious and sweeter than normal. I used it for pizza sauce which they wouldn't eat last night, but I think that was because they had eaten about 5 carrots each (pretending to be Bugs Bunny) and just weren't hungry. Ted ate 2 pieces for lunch today with gusto. I also baked my own pizza crust which was a bit fluffier than usual, so I may try this again with a store-bought crust and see if they're more interested. The 'fake cheese' was another disappointment, although I don't think anyone minded but Paul. So far, I like the Sneaky Chef. Tonight I'll bake a batch of her Brainy Brownies and tomorrow we'll try a pancake recipe. I have to admit, watching the boys gobble up those donuts with all that spinach in them made me giggle.

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Leslie K. said...

Ellen - how funny - undetected spinach in the donuts! I'm going to have to pick up a copy of "The Sneaky Chef" kids need more nutrition and usually discover my vegetable-hiding tricks.

Can't wait to hear how the dandelions turn out!