Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I had a rough day today, but it ended well. Stacy and I raised $818 from our Hapa 'chance raffle' which I'll be bringing to the CF Walk this Saturday. We had $1000 as our goal, but we are not too far off. We may actually be closer to $900 since 5 of the families did donate online rather than give us a check. If you haven't sponsored our team, the JJ Walkers, yet and would like to, click HERE! Thank you!

And, in potty news, Mae had one accident around 8am and another around 7pm, but in between she was a rock star and was in the same PullUp all day. She didn't actually PEE (or poop) on the potty, but she certainly proved she can hold it! Tomorrow we are laying low at home and hopefully getting some more actual VOLUME in ye olde potty chair.

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