Thursday, May 24, 2007

another mellow Thursday

I think Thursdays are going to be my 'free' days, where I don't plan anything for the morning. I tried to have a plan and we all got behind so we just diddled around and had fun! We did stop by Henry's house to get a sneak peek of his big boy room. It's being repainted, hardwood flooring put in, and a new sleigh bed will replace his sweet crib. Crazy!! I can't wait to see it all finished, probably next Tuesday when the bed gets delivered. The boys got to ride bikes and Ted enjoyed doing stunts on a bike ramp, til he fell off and got hurt. Then it was nap time and I had to wake Mae up after only an hour to get to my car appointment, then to Ted's swim class. After swim class was our first CSA pickup of the season! Way exciting. LOTS AND LOTS of greens. Holy cow. This week we got a large handful of the following (probably 2 servings of each green): ancient spinach, lettuce, arugala & regular spinach. We also got 2 bok choy and 1 king choy. Way exciting. Now I'm off to find some recipes for all these greens! YUM.
And in PT news, Mae was a rock star again today. She did have 2 accidents, but I think they were preventable. I had her in underwear today and we are done with PullUps. I do use them at naptime (actually, I've used one in the last week!) and will move to using them for nighttime when she seems dry in the morning. It's a wonderful feeling.

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