Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gotcha Day

Wow oh wow. A year ago.

What can I even say to properly express the magnitude of this day? Even more dramatic than the births of my boys, the day Mae was handed to me changed me forever. I think it was partially because of the enormity of the situation. Rather than being cared for, fed and my baby dealt with from midnight til 5am, this was sudden, instant parenting...for a baby that had definite opinions to the contrary. While Mae came around amazingly quickly, she had, and still has, a lot of anger. It was both breathtakenly wonderful...the realization of 18+ months of waiting, and alarmingly frightenting. What had I done? What was I thinking? Our time in Changsha was so emotional, so raw, so difficult and yet so precious. Those first giggles and babbling, the bedtime routine of swaying and singing 'Mama Hao.' Thank goodness for Skype...talking to Paul and the boys while Mae slept was wonderful. But this day...May 8...what an amazing, chaotic experience! Congratulations to everyone else in TG 950...I'm so glad we are in this together!!

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