Monday, May 14, 2007

Here we go

A bit of history. On Tuesdays, Mae & Sam go to Lisa's for the morning while Ted has OT. Lisa has been telling me for the past 2-3 weeks that Mae goes into the plastic house, poops in her diaper, then comes out and announces, "All done!" "Why don't you potty train her?" she asked me. (Because I'm lazy, yes, I know, thanks.) She's been sitting on the potty for months now and often will demand it, pitching a royal fit if we don't take the diaper OFF (no more sitting on it full clothed, oh no.) Yes, she is ready. No, we are not. Potty training Ted was such a nightmare. Although, in his defense, he got it and was pt'd by the time he was 2.5, my goal, since I didn't think it was right to start pre-school in diapers. Sam beat him by 4 months but Sam was just amazing and I had nothing to do with it. I still remember BEGGING him to wear a PullUp to music class, but he would have none of it, screaming at the top of his lungs for "undwearpass!" So here I am, standing at the abyss that is the 2nd of 3 major hurdles for me as a parent. (In case you're wondering, #1 is ditching the bottle before bed and #3 is the transition out of the crib to a bed.) We lead busy lives and I was planning on waiting til after our July vacation to dig in our heels and hang out at home. So, we're going to give it a go. If it turns into a disaster, I'll shelve it til July. I had a fun buying spree in Target today, stocking up on 2T pink Gerber padded pants (Ted & Sam wore 4T and they both still wear them when their regular undies are all in the wash). I also got her a pack of "pin-cess" ones, as a bonus. She is way too into princesses for my taste, but whatever! Next to the $3.99 shorts I was checking out were the summer nighties. TOO CUTE. She scored a (you guessed it!) Princesses one and a Dora one. Sleeping in a NIGHTIE! I can't stand it. She was so psyched tonight. She also had her hair trimmed today, so she looks nice and respectable now. I'll have to get a pic of her sometime tomorrow. We'll see how this goes!


epin said...

I can totally relate. We have a very busy schedule and Hana is so easy to diaper. She was ready for a long time, but we were not. We finally had to move forward and are in the midst now. Not fun, but I'm proud of her.

Beth and Shayna said...

You go for it Mae! I cannot wait to see a picture of her too. Shayna did great for three weeks on the potty and lately, is falling off the wagon. That is okay. I know she is still young. I am excited for you, even if it is hard right now.