Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Monday was a stitch. Mae and I picked up the boys from school at 3 and headed over to Wendy's to pick up Paul's tuned-up bike. No one was home but we accomplished the task of getting Sam asleep, so that was a plus. Then we headed over to Karate for Kids for Ted's first Taekwondo class. He was very good about being brave enough to be on the floor the whole time-the only thing that kept him from getting his belt was that he was using baby talk (his standard reaction to feeling insecure). Hopefully he'll get it today. After Taekwondo we headed back to Wendy's to get the bike, which still needed some tweaking so we waited around for Mr. Wendy (I know his name, but isn't it funnier to say Mr. Wendy?). He was having a late day so we coordinated dinner plans at Wahoo's with the husbands and enjoyed margaritas & Bonzai burritos. The margarita (*ahem*) hit me a little harder than I expected, so Paul took Mae home for bed and the rest of us took a field trip to Target for bike helmets for Paul & Mae. After that, we decided to have a sleepover, which was a blast until it was time to wake up this morning. *yawn* I don't think I've ever slept with both boys before, so it was both sweet and annoying. Ted coughs and snores and Sam moans. Geesh.

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