Monday, June 4, 2007

Biking into Fall

This summer is booked up with fun summer camps and plans of lazy days by the pool (and long walks for me at night and on weekends.) Once Aug. 16 (!) comes, I will be in charge of getting Ted to school by 8:10, hanging out with Mae, and then picking Sam up at 1 from preschool, hanging out some more, and finally picking Ted up at 3. I have figured out a fun adventure for Ted and Mae (and me) that involves biking, childcare and time for me to run. The East Boulder Community Center is located due east of Horizons (#20 on the map). While the path there isn't particularly direct, it looks like a combination of multi-use & bike paths should get us from the Rec Center to Horizons. If I have Mae in the baby seat and Ted on his bike, he can lock his bike at school. Mae & I can bike back to the rec center, where I can drop her off for 90 minutes ($6.50) of childcare while I work out, in some way. There is also a sweet little pool there, so after I pick her up, we could potentially swim, play at the nearby park, or even enroll in a little class such a gymnastics or dance. Looks good to me. We may not live in Boulder, but I would love to bike around as much as possible before the snow comes. Woo hoo!
Oh, and it's only 9 miles from my house to Horizons, but it's mostly on a paved shoulder on a major street. I don't think Ted is up for that alone, but perhaps on Tue/Thu, when Paul will stay with Mae & Sam while I take Ted in to school, we could bike to school with Ted on the tag-a-long. Very exciting prospects for limiting our time in the car.
Click on the map for a larger view. I've traced our route in red, but my mouse hand is pretty shaky, so rest assured that doesn't mean I'll weave around like that on my bike! Because it's red, it's hard to see, but we will be on Baseline for a little bit.

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Wendy said...

Ellen, you don't have to go on Baseline. That purple square with an O means overpass, that means you go right over foothills. It's a direct line from school 20 to 22. I've biked it before, very easy and straightforward.