Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First stamp!

We finished Book 2 of MTH this afternoon and Ted took the quiz. Very simple quiz, IMO. So he got his first stamp for his passport. He is SO excited. Alex gave us the next 3 in the series (Books 1, 3 & 4) so we are set! This is fun.

In other news, Ted ripped the upper frenum in his mouth(OW!), bruised the gums at his two front teeth and his lower lip is bruised purple from his bottom teeth crashing into it. OW OW OW. He was a trooper and we luckily had appointments at the dentist on Monday morning anyway. He ran into his friend Luke while playing soccer with the neighborhood kids and Paul on Father's Day. Poor kiddo. He also has two cavities, so after his mouth has healed up, we'll get those filled. Darn gumballs. I should have taken a pic when he first did it, because it's healed up pretty well now. I would post a pic of his torn frenum but I'd have to include a 'graphic content' warning because it's so gross!

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