Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer "Reading"

Since Ted can't read yet, I'm not worried about his reading skills disappearing before the school year begins. However, it turns out that The Magic Treehouse series is 37 books long...and has a great little passport with stamps to earn as an incentive to really read/listen for comprehension. Ted does really well, I think, at listening when being read to, and usually can fill in the word for me if he's heard the book before. I didn't realize that he really liked these books, but Alex is into them and Wendy lent me the 2nd book (they read the 1st one in preschool). Tonight we read 2 chapters, and I think if he hadn't been exhausted (more on that later) he would have protested more at stopping so soon. I think we'll have a goal to complete the passport by the first day of school. It shouldn't be hard...but I might have to read more than 2 chapters a night. I might set the timer...I think his Kindergarten reading homework is 20 minutes a day, minimum. Until he starts reading, it's up to us. These are cute books and historical fiction is right up my alley. Check out their website for more info.


Wendy said...

Our goal is to finish the passport too. The library just got books 3,4, 5 (Ninjas!) today and I picked them up. We cranked out 3 but still have to finish 1. I like the idea of setting a timer, I have no idea how long we read for.

Anonymous said...

Alex & I just finished the first book yesterday (we got it Friday) and I was plesantly surprised at how into the book he got.(he loves books, but this was the first w/o pics). I actually had to stop reading it before he wanted me to. Very excited about reading the rest of the series. LOVE there are so many of them! Had no idea there was a passport!! off to check that out :) - Tracey