Monday, June 25, 2007

Winter Park

This weekend was blissful. We left on Friday afternoon and had an easy, painless drive on 70 to Winter Park. It is so beautiful up there. We arrived at Sarah's around 6 and took a tour of her gorgeous log home. SO beautiful. It was actually built by a company called Lincoln Logs....and it looked exactly like that. SO amazingly beautiful. And peaceful. And the company!! It was exactly what's always lacking from our monthly dinners-time and beds to sleep in! We chatted until one of us fell asleep, and then went to bed and slept in and kept on talking! We went out to dinner one night and had the BEST Mojitos. Oh, it was wonderful. I even went down the scary Alpine Slide! I am completely refreshed (although I am tired because we had to walk 14 miles on Sunday and I'm feeling it!) It's nice to be physically tired and not emotionally drained, however. Mae crashed off of a retaining wall last night and didn't stop crying until this afternoon, when Wendy put an official "biker scab band aid" on her (I'll update with the website when I get it. I'm going to get more of these band aids- she hasn't made a peep since!) Ted also has some serious road rash on his nose (it looks like frostbite-a complete layer of skin was scraped off by afore-mentioned retaining wall!) and Sam had quite an interesting encounter with a toilet and the floor today...much mess was made. But I'm cheerful! I'm VERY tired and plan to go to bed early, but I think that would have happened regardless.

Update! As usual, Wendy took some AMAZING pictures in Winter Park. HERE they are. Man, she is good.

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Leslie said...

Great photos! I loved catching up on your blog today -- you and the kids are so active...awesome! Wow -and I think I'll try to make the garlic snapes hummus - sounds great. Hope I can find the snapes! Are you going to be in Chicago/ Glenview this summer with Mae? (Or did I dream that?) Phoebe and I would love to meet up with you and Mae at some point if it works out.

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