Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My 3 boys are home!

I'll update moeltini soon with lots of pics Paul and Rod took, but here are some cute ones til then. I missed them so much-it is great to have them home! (NOISY though!!)


Beth and Shayna said...

I am so glad they got home safe and sound. And it looks like they had a blast too!

Anonymous said...

Ellen!!! I lurk probably 3 times a week to see what is up with your kiddoes, they are soooooo gorgeous. I tell people about stuff from your blog all the time (I was just telling my mom that maybe my nephew should get into martial arts, because of Ted...) But, eek! I had to write when I just saw THE blanket in the tent from the boys trip! I was sooooo happy to see that it is still used! I miss you sooooo much! Melinda (Mindy)