Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Orange Belt!

Today was another busy day for Ted! After dropping Paul off at the airport bus (he's off to NY for a week for work), we went to the pool. I took Sam, Mae & Ariel home to nap at 1ish, while Wendy kept Ted, Alex & Adam til about 2:15 when they closed the pool due to lightening. After a quick play at home, we were off to TESTING at TaeKwonDo. Ted had managed to burn the bottoms of his feet on the hot cement at the pool and insisted on wearing a fabric-covered ice pack as a slipper. He was milking it, for sure, but he still made it through the testing. Belts won't be handed out til next Thursday but at the end, his rank shouted "I'm an orange belt!" so there was no question there! He was beaming with pride. As a treat, we all walked/biked to Wahoo's for dinner and then to Sonic for ice cream. It got very VERY windy, and the ride home is uphill. They did it though, and we finally got home at 9pm. Geesh! As Wendy said, as the boys pedaled bravely into the headwind, "Happy orange belt, Ted!" Luckily, he was simply tired and happy. Wendy let me use her nice camera to take pics, which while a nice gesture, has sadly proved to me that even a nice camera can't do much without a real photographer behind the lens. Oh well!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray!!! Congratulations to Ted! Hope the week flies by without Paul there ;) - T