Sunday, August 19, 2007


We had a very busy but fun weekend. On Saturday I took Ted to his friend Lucie's birthday party, then the boys had Ninja Night at 6 while I met up with Wendy for our 8 mile walk. Ted began coughing on Saturday, the barky-croupy cough with no other symptoms, so I called the on-call doc. He said to go ahead and neb him and try to head it off, especially with school JUST starting this week. Today we had Jack's "turtle-y awesome" birthday party, where Ted perked right up and had a blast at the pool. Mae was very silly and happy today; what a delight! Sam was a nut and was in the pool more often than not. ALL the kids napped today (!!!!) and then the O'Brien's came over around 3 for an early dinner/play session. They brought along some amazing peaches from Morton's Orchards that they picked up at the Lafayette Peach Festival this weekend. I usually pass by their tent at Market because of the crazy long lines. No more! Next Wednesday I'll just step right up and buy a bunch! They were FABULOUS, probably the best I've ever eaten. Mmm... After his nap, Ted was good to go and didn't cough much at all. We ended the night early and the boys were asleep by 8. Ted's very first Kindergarten lunch is ready in the fridge and his clothes are laid out on his chair. I hope he can beat this thing and go all this week, just for the routine of it. I'm sure I'll try and take a few pics tomorrow...hopefully it will all go well. All his little buddies were talking a bit apprehensively about what tomorrow will bring. At least they're all in the same Sunday school class which starts in September. Yikes!!

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