Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pool Party

We beat the odds! With clouds looming and a thunderstorm in the forecast, we arrived at the pool at 3:30 to set up. Wendy arrived with "le g√Ęteau extraordinaire" at 4 and the party began! All the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. Adam and Sam (and Ariel) were particularly drawn to the big slide this time. Rachel and Molly, Henry and Ariel, Alex and Adam, and Mae the Birthday Girl made up the party. What FUN. As usual, a huge hug and thanks go to Wendy for both the fabulous cake and the wonderful pictures (many more on moeltini.) Lightening started at 6:30, at which time everyone was packing up to go anyway. We did have a balloon mishap, but replaced it with another at the store minutes later, which kept any meltdowns at bay.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. We love you!


leslie said...

Happy 2nd birthday, Mae! She sure can strike a poolside pose.... couldn't be cuter!

Beth and Shayna said...

Happy birthday Mae. We hope we can celebrate your big milestone together soon! It sounds like you had a great party.