Saturday, September 29, 2007


These boys were so silly tonight. Eliot and Sam have known each other forever, literally. They have never been particularly interested in each other, although I think they took comfort in each other last year in preschool. Eliot goes to a different preschool now and I seldom take Sam to Sunday School, so he doesn't see much of Eliot. Tonight, at the Sukkot party, these two were inseparable. It was very cute. Sam spent the night in his Spiderman costume while Eliot went through (I think) each and every costume we own. They spent a lot of time in this basket, for some reason, giggling to each other. I am so glad they had fun...everyone seemed to have a good time, although we came up short on the alcohol, which was lame of me. Delicious food and good friends though...what else is really important? Happy Sukkot, everyone!

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