Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Field Trip

This week at Horizons is Outdoor Education Week. For grades 2-8, they have a 3 day-2 night overnight trip with outdoor activities. For the K/1 classes, they stay at school but have local field trips. Monday it was 50 degrees and raining, so they rescheduled their trip to the pond til Tuesday. They brought their microscopes, nets and various other things to sample the water and the creatures around it. Today was a field trip to Sombrero Marsh, which is an education center with a natural salt marsh in the middle. It was a bit hot, but very fun for the kids. Pics on moeltini.
Yesterday, Tuesday, Sam took his first cooking class at the rec center (WISH I had had my camera.) He had an apron and his own bowl and spoon. They cooked beignets ("a French donut" said Sam) and they were GOOD! He loved the class and can't wait for next week. Mae spent some time in the day care and did fine so next week I may try going for a run during that hour.
Today Sam told me he wants me to take the training wheels off his bike, so when Paul gets home we're going to take him over to the school. I personally think he's too young, but we'll give it a try! He is very excited. We also got Mae a 'real' bike helmet. She had one from Target that BARELY fit on her huge melon, so this one will last her a few years. All my kids have huge heads!

Here are Ted, Kai and Peter. They are so sweet and are good buddies.

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