Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh yes I did

I was up late last night baking two batches of Isa's famous Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes. This morning, the large plastic bag I had put them in to stay fresh was topped with a most surprising frosting...a cat. *sigh* While the cupcakes tasted the same, they were almost completely flattened (due to the extreme lightness of these delicious cupcakes!). So, Mae and I went to the store this morning for more flour and did up 2 more batches. The 2nd batch is in the oven, the first batch is cooling, and the frosting is ready. These are so fabulous and Sam loves Newman-O's so he will be psyched. I am particularly happy because we have a no-nut school with dairy and egg allergies in Sam's class. There isn't anything in these cupcakes that will hurt anyone so everyone can have one! I love that. Now, if Mae and I can just resist eating the whole batch before we head out to school at noon...Mmm...

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