Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sam's Well Check

Sam weighed in at 37# (50%) and 39" (25%). He is only 3.5 inches taller than Mae...Ted was 41" at his 4 year check up. He certainly doesn't seem small to me, but I guess he's actually on the smaller side! He is such a goof and was happy as could be to be there (no shots; I said No Thanks to HepA) and chatted with her all about what he was up to. What a nice visit. It's funny-she said by age 5 she likes them to know their phone number and address. Ted knows them only with prompting so I'm going to get on it...perhaps if we practice it every day (and maybe have Ted write it too!), when they can say it without help they can win something. What a great kid Sam is. Funny, sweet and loving. I'm so lucky to have such great kiddos.

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