Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's a bullet day

Whew. I'm wiped. This has been a tough week with Sam being sick and Mae taking it over.
  • Mae has a 104 fever and seems to have a pretty bad sore throat. I'll be taking her in for a strep culture tomorrow.
  • Sam has no school tomorrow for Simchat Torah. He has been out of school for 2 full weeks, between the holidays and being sick. He feels fine now but still has a wicked cough and a scratchy, squeaky voice (which he thinks is very funny.)
  • Ted was a ROCK STAR in TKD today. There was a new kid and that really seems to make him turn into the role model rather than the class clown. Mr. D says he wants to get him sparring soon because he is so coordinated with his form.
  • On that note, I took my first TKD class today. WOW. My quads are sore and I'm so NOT an aural learner...but I'll get it. I like it!
  • Mr. D asked that I remove my nose stud during sparring practice (when I get to that level) because it could get hit. So tonight Wendy and I returned to the piercing place and I had them sodder it so I can put it in or out. That hurt a bit. Turns out I didn't do a very good job of turning it around so it's not completely healed. But, now I can take it out when I need to, which is handy.
  • The K/1 classes start Arts & Sciences electives soon. Grades 2-8 have had it from the start of school and did their presentation today. I missed the first 2, but the last 2 were Breakdancing and Unicycle. ?! Ted wants to do both of those so I hope the little guys have cool options like that. I think they start in November, after conferences.

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Beth and Shayna said...

Poor kiddos and I hope Mae's temp is down and she is on the mend. Shayna has a yucky cold and fingers crossed it does not travel to an ear infection. Oy, its the season. Feel better M Family!