Monday, October 15, 2007

Tooth #2

Ted's 2nd tooth came out today, somewhat dramatically. It was reeeeeally loose, for a long time now. Today after school he showed me how he could completely turn it around, as well as flatten it forward or back. *shiver* Paul commented that it would probably fall out tonight. Well, then he had snack in the car on the way to TKD. After he ate his entire pear, he said in surprise, "Mom! My tooth is gone!" Sure enough, he had 'tasted something yucky' when eating his pear, and had tossed the offending texture away. Thus began a search of the car, yielding nothing. Luckily I did find it later that night when preparing the van for our carpool tomorrow. His top left tooth is a TEENEY bit loose, but I'll give it a month or so. Wow, just like when he was a baby, those teeth just start a-coming! The Tooth Fairy will do a repeat performance tonight, with her $1 coin. The car pool thing is new. Just today, Tawyna picked up Ted, her 3 boys (Ben, 2nd grade, Pete, K and Spencer, Sam's age) waiting in the car. Tomorrow I'll pick up Ben and Pete. It was a weird morning...even though I had to leave at 8:30 to babysit for Wendy, it still gave me an extra hour! I had coffee! And read the paper! It was really nice.

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