Thursday, November 29, 2007

why I love our (now married) babysitter

We have had Katrina as our sitter since Ted was about two. We use her for nighttime and if we go away at all for overnights. She is older, early twenties, married now, and is a nurse. She' s also wonderful and the kids adore her. Tonight she arrived at 5:30. We got home fairly early at 9:30. They had baked a full batch of (more!) Nestle Tollhouse cookies, done some painting with actual paint on paper (!), eaten dinner and bathed. And they were asleep. That's more than I can do with them all day long! I'm so glad she'll still do the occasional night of babysitting now that she's married. Paul and I last went out for the Kindergarden Round-Up at Eldorado back in May or so. Katrina confirmed that she babysat that night too. It's been a while!

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Beth and Shayna said...

Mae look adorable! And what a great babysitter you have, in bed and everything?! I am glad she will still be with you every now and then.