Tuesday, December 4, 2007

color deficient

On Wednesday at Horizons, the kids had Vision and Hearing Screens. A parent volunteer told me Ted was pulled from the regular screening and sent to the office, where a "Vision Tech" was waiting. Today we got a letter stating: "Theodore Moeller tested color deficient." (Is color blind a more severe term?) Ted knew his colors very early...before age 2. Probably around 18 months (I think I'll look it up.) So, as far as I can tell, his color vision is similar to his dad's, who had a hard time in Chicago discerning between the Purple and Brown Line El trains. I'm sad for him. But, in the scheme of things, it's minor. Still. I'll show his teacher the letter tomorrow. It says "It is important for you and the teacher to know as it may be more difficult for these students to do map studies or other color coded activities."

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Wendy said...

How strange, especially since you've been wondering about Mae.