Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Today the little book I made for Mae came in the mail. I made it in my iPhoto program, using pics we received from the orphanage as well as pics from China. I used simple text (Once upon a time in China, a little girl was born.) It is PERFECT. A little less "hard cover" than I had planned, so I ordered another one, lest this one get too mangled. She LOVES it and has already asked me, "You there wif me?" when we talked about the orphanage. "No, sweetie, " I said. "Your friends were with you, and your nannies." The next page had pictures of her Huaihua sisters, so that was a good transition. I really love this! It'd be great for any child, adopted or not, but I think it's great to empower Mae with her history early enough that it is never's just her story. Thanks to Marilyn (the therapist we see monthly) for suggesting it. LOVE IT!! It is different from her First Year Album in that it chronicles all the 'firsts' of her life, like any other child's "Baby Album." The Baby Album touches on her first 9 months very briefly, while this small little book is ALL about her time in China. Her First Year Album is timeless; this little book is specifically for her RIGHT NOW. It will eventually be too simple and hopefully by then I'll have more for her Lifebook. But til then, a perfect book for a 2-3 year old. Woo hoo!

In other news, the chavurah was a fabulous, if deafening, success yesterday. Everyone played well together, no one got (seriously) hurt, and the food was scrumptious, especially Josh's pumpkin cheesecake-YUM!

Today we went bowling at the UMC with Josh and his girls. The kiddos LOVED it. Ted bowled a 93-not bad! Then we played a few rounds of air hockey. What a great, cheap way to entertain the kiddos. Perhaps a bday party option... (more pics on moeltini.)


Trixie said...

A 93? Yikes. He's better than me :) Oh we did a similar book for Andrew for later. He's only 14 months and basically just like to look at the photos and listen to me chat. He won't really get it for another few months. Hopefully his birth family will send photos soon. We have nothing from them except a photo of his hospital. Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

Meet the Robinsons is a sweet movie that deals with adoption. If you haven't already seen it you should...very sweet.