Friday, December 14, 2007

limp carrots begone

"My farmer" told me a great trick for rejuvenating limp carrots, beets and turnips. Just trim off the ends and place them in an ice bath for half an hour. It worked tonight. I've also placed damp towels over the baskets to help them stay hydrated, but with this trick, who cares? We had a delicious (local) carrot soup tonight, from the 1977 edition of Molly Katzen's Moosewood Cookbook. It was good but a little too salty. Next time I'll skip the salt. Yummy though. After cooking the carrots and potatoes in broth for 20 minutes, add in sauteed onions, garlic and chopped nuts. Puree, add a cup of milk and top with toasted nuts. Yum. Homemade challah rounded out the meal. Mmm.
Tonight was also Dinner #1 of the Wendy School of Dinnertime Etiquette. Surprisingly, things went remarkably well with this new system. We talked about it at length yesterday and some more today. Dinner would be served. If they didn't approve of it, they could prepare something themselves, but I wasn't going to help. I sat down for the ENTIRE MEAL. I made sure they all had a full glass of soymilk and some cut fruit. They all ate lots of challah; Mae had a little bit of the soup and some leftover yogurt from this morning; Ted fixed himself a cream cheese bagel, and Sam ate a plain bagel. Whatever!
Sam has 3 birthday parties this weekend! 2 are for his preschool friends and one is our buddy Henry, who is turning 3! Amazing.

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