Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Local Eats

We've had great luck with Kalyn's recipe for Asian Cabbage. YUM! Fresh and delicious. We have scores of Napa in the fridge so I went on a search. Here are more Cabbage Recipes, courtesy of our CSA. Plus I need to try another turnip recipe since we weren't HUGE fans of the Ethiopian stew. This one sounds yummy. Tomorrow we're having friends for Hanukkah dinner and I plan to cook some latkes with local taters & onions alongside some fresh fruit (fruit delivery tomorrow!) I hope to have time to whip up our favorite pumpkin-black bean soup with CSA pumpkin/onion/garlic and (new this pickup!) CSA black beans! I'm not sure which variety of beans these are, but they are black and look lovely! I can't wait to try them.
Tomorrow I an chauffering Sam's class to sing Hanukkah songs to the seniors. Sam calls them "the grandpas and grandmas." Ted's class called them "the oldsters." So cute.

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