Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mental Health Day

Ted's been having a hard time this Hanukkah week so we decided to keep him home today for a "Mental Health Day." He spent the day playing with his toys, reading, and generally chilling out. Electra was THRILLED to have him home. It was a bitterly cold day and she spent as much of it as possible on top of him. I guess his little body gives off a lot of heat!

Today at TKD, it was Ted and 3 higher ranks (brown, purple and blue.) Guess who got a star for "Black Belt Behavior?" You guessed it-the Yellow Belt! I'm so glad Ted is in this class-he needs these higher ranks to show him what's in store. And I was really proud that he did so well today. I think Miss Holland was as surprised as I was at his behavior. They learned a new form today (need to ask the name of it) and it involves a jump side kick. WAY exciting. Most of the moves are new and the form looks really neat. Because I didn't want to drive back (yes, we are still blizzarding, in case you wondered), Mr. D gave me a private lesson during Ted's class. We started Songham 2. It's way cool.

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