Sunday, December 30, 2007


Did you think I wouldn't at least journal?

Here is a recap. A full spiel will follow. It'll be wordy.

So, it was a blast. Refreshing, enlightening, interesting, challenging, delicious, FREEZING, nourishing. I want to go back. Next time I'll simply stay in the dorms and save myself the $. And in the summer, I can just go up for the day. The highlight for me, hands down, was the Evening Meditation. Beginning with Kirtan (chanting) and ending with Meditation, this was a very special, unique aspect of the Yogic Lifestyle that I hadn't understood. What a lovely place. I think the overall word to describe my experience is NOURISHING. My soul, my stomach, my heart and my body were all nourished though the beautiful music, delicious food, inward meditation, and challenging yoga. What a treasure. We are so lucky to have this place so near. There are two other locations even closer that offer the yoga, Kirtan and meditation for the public. Om Namah Shivayah. I bow with respect to my Inner Self.

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