Thursday, December 27, 2007


I tell you, hanging out with a stay-at-home dad is a LOT more exhausting than lazing about with another mom! Today we met up with Josh et al again for a morning of swimming followed by lunch at Moe's. Josh plays HARD. Sam and Mae napped until we woke them 4 hours later. Ted passed out tonight without a word. They are BEAT. Not one to admit defeat (plus I had a good nap too), tomorrow we are going back for more. This time, ice skating. Mae will join Eve in day care and Sam will have the option of skating or staying with Mae. Ted LOVES ice skating. I enjoy it, after about a half hour of remembering how to NOT fall down. Should be another exhausting day! Then, Josh plans to repeat it all next week: Wed-bowl, Thu-swim, Fri-skate. *yawn*
In any case, my kids are happy, relaxed and tired. Good news all around!

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