Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Teacher Gifts

This year, besides the standard monetary donation towards a gift card for each teacher, I decided to also give them a (small!) token of my appreciation for all they do for my precious children. This week's CSA share really sparked my desire to gift some local finds, which will raise awareness I hope, but also, it's cool! To the more "fiery" personalities (Jeanne & Renee), I packed 5 perfect dried cayenne peppers in a little bag, complete with instructions for use and a southwestern-themed gift tag (the one at right is Renee's, obvious to those who know her.) I love it!! To the more gentle folk (Joan, Susie, Elizabeth & Pam), I plan to package some of the Holy Basil dried tea. Tomorrow I'm meeting a local Boulder tea lady to purchase some (empty) tea bags. I'll fill them with 1/8 cup dried tea, with instructions for both tea and bath use. I think each small box will hold 2 or 3 bags. Now, I just hope I haven't forgotten someone essential. Miss Holland (TKD) will receive a hand-decorated flower pot filled with assorted home-baked cookies (our project for tomorrow). I just love the peppers ... I hope the tea will be as cute.

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