Wednesday, January 16, 2008

she likes it!!

Today I found the rice cooker in the back of the crawl space. I think it was a wedding present (10 years this year!) I put in a batch of sushi rice I had left over from our last sushi making adventure. I used the elephant molds (and made plain orb-shaped things for me). Mae LOVED them. She gobbled her elephants down and then asked for more of my circle ones. Hooray! Onigiri rocks! Then again, with tamari in a cute fishy squirter, allowing for the toddler-fav of 'dip dip,' perhaps it was a shoe-in. Definitely some onigiri in her lunchbox on Friday!
Here's my first attempt at the mold. The eye and ear are nori. A more creative approach would be a carrot-carved ear and a pea eye, for example. Still, way cute! A Hello Kitty one is on its way ... I can't wait! Now, if I could find a Pokemon mold, I just might convince the boys....

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