Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last Ski Day

Well, I'm glad that's over. I was NOT pleased with today's little adventure. First off, they had 10 kids with one (pissy) instructor. In his defense, I'm sure he was annoyed that he had so many kids in his group. He was short with the kids and not too friendly. After the first run, he informed me that Ted wasn't listening and wasn't allowed to ski with the group. Um, so, what would have happened if I hadn't been there? Would he have left him at the bottom of the lift line? I'm not defending Ted, because from what I got out of Ted, he wanted to do the Fun Zone and not ski down the hill, but STILL! What is one instructor doing with 10 little kids anyway? Grr. So I took Ted and put him on the Little Hawk lift. He skiied down beautifully and we found another group for him to join. Only 5 kids in the group and a very nice, mellow instructor. So, it ended well. But I'm still mad. On the left is a pic of his class coming down. Ted is on the far left, the pissy instructor on the right. I love the blowing snow look. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm. After the kids got up from naps Ted biked to Wahoo's while I pushed Mae in the stroller. C'mon spring!!

Here's a short little video of Ted with his 2nd class. He's 3rd in line and I love how he gets himself RIGHT up to the teacher, as if to make sure to say, "See, I'm being good!" Sweetie.

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