Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Recap

Busy weekend, but fun. Saturday morning Ted and I had TKD. Testing is on Friday! Ted will advance to Cheetah (Yellow Belt Decided) and I'll be a Yellow Belt, up from Orange! I am all ready too. Woo hoo!

After TKD, we met up with Wendy and took Alex up to share a lesson with Ted. Ted knows how to turn, but prefers to bomb down the hills instead. This is scary and dangerous. His instructor was a little worried about him, but said he might make a good addition to a ski team in a few years. Next Wednesday should be fun since he had that extra instruction. Alex is more timid than Ted, but ended the lesson "turning beautifully" according to the instructor. After skiing we all went to Red Robin for dinner. Mae ate a ginormous bowl of Mac 'N Cheese, half a grilled cheese sandwich, a cantaloupe and would have had more if there was any left. The boys didn't touch their food, but both enjoyed the little worksheets that came with the kids menu.

Sunday I took Ted to Sunday School and had coffee with the moms. Then we had a restful afternoon. Mae must have napped for almost 4 hours today. Crazy! I took a good nap too. I also baked Ted's bread and got all the laundry done. Oh, and tonight I cooked up my weekly batch of yaki onigiri for Mae's lunches. While reading bento blogs, I came across the grilled rice ball concept and knew it would be a hit with Mae. After forming the rice balls (I use cute molds), they are grilled in shoyu. Then they can be frozen and simply microwaved in the morning. Mae loves them and I love having them all ready for a busy week ahead. Her bento for tomorrow isn't particularly cute but you can see the grilled onigiri idea (Hello Kitty). Hee.

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