Friday, March 14, 2008

Bloodwork, shots and toys, oh my!

This afternoon we went back to the doctor for shots and bloodwork. Ted was totally cool about it all day; he obviously is the type of kid that doesn't do well with surprises! However, once in the room with the nurse, he did freak out and sobbed SO HARD. It was sad. He did GREAT at the lab though, especially when the tech was digging around in his arm trying to find his vein (we think he needs to drink more water). We had put that OTC topical anesthetic on the spot and it worked like a charm. They also only took 1 vial of blood (last year it was 4 vials and he almost fell asleep while they were doing it!) No big deal. He skipped out of there and we went to Target to get "shot toys." Bionicles again. We should get the blood results early next week. It will be interesting to see if the numbers are down at all, or just the same (or worse? yikes!) Good job, big boy.

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