Wednesday, March 26, 2008

much movement

So far, spring break has been lovely. I love sleeping in (7:30am is just BLISS!) and the weather is simply amazing, so we've been outside most of the time. On Monday we went over to Jack and Jason's house. Jack and Ted biked all around and got completely muddy in a ravine somewhere. They had a great day just exploring and being messy. Sam and Jason played a lot of Spiderman and somehow managed to flood the bathroom. Oops. Mae and I hung out and ate a lot of delicious bagels. Mmm. Later that afternoon we all played out back. The kiddos even had their dinners outside. Ah, how I love spring.

Tuesday was Errand Day. Ted had the dentist, Sam and Mae had swimming, and then all 3 accompanied me to a TKD class. Naps were a relief and the afternoon was spent doing thank you cards. They are all done! Woo hoo! I love them. I scanned in Ted's writing of "Thank You" and "Ted" and Wendy put it on this picture (which cracks me up.) Then I taped the pic to the front of a side-folded colored paper card and used a child-esque font to write "I love my (blank). Thank you so much!" Then he wrote in the gift and drew a picture. It's perfect for his age and ability I think. It took us much longer than normal to get them out, but I think it's so cute. I also think that Sam would be able to do this for his birthday in September, so we may keep this idea.

Then today we went Rock Climbing! Luckily for us, Omri's dad knew how to belay so they let us in and all the kids did a few rope climbs, quite a few free climbs, and tons and tons of sliding down a crazy fast slide. Then we went to Moe's for lunch and everyone passed out when we got home. The weather today was 70! We took Ole to the park by our house and everyone biked, pushed a stroller, or ran like crazy (can you guess who did what?) for a few hours til hunger got the best of us and we came home. And oh joy! Another Pokemon movie was waiting for us in the mailbox, so the evening passed uneventfully. I feel a bit like a single mom today; Paul left the house before 8am, got home around 6 and left again at 7 to play soccer. But, Ted and I leave tomorrow, late afternoon, for 3 days in Breckenridge (to ski with Wendy and Alex), so I do have it coming! I hope this lovely weather lasts through the weekend so they can have a lot of stress-free park time. So, I'm not going to bring the computer along, but expect an update on Sunday night! It should be super fun!

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