Friday, March 21, 2008

no shrimp

Kids' allergies mystify me. We got the results of Ted's bloodwork yesterday. While his numbers for dairy are still higher than normal, they are WAY lower than last year. This translates to: don't give him an 8oz glass of milk every day, but a slice of pizza is fine. Hooray! We celebrated yesterday with a baggie of goldfish. Oh the joy. However, he did come up WILDLY allergic to shrimp. Not clams or other shellfish, just shrimp. Which he's never tasted (because he won't eat fish ... fish are like an animal, I don't eat animals, yadda yadda). No problem keeping the shrimp out of his diet. Although Rosa said that, like eggs, sometimes shrimp-esque properties are found in medications, so it's something to alert his doctors to, especially in an emergency situation. So, we are going to continue the no dairy policy at home, but lighten up when out and about. He is so happy!

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