Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wow! a recap

Life has been busy! We've been having fun though, and we're actually healthy-ish, so it's all good! Here's our re-cap.

Saturday: Ted and I went skiing at Eldora. BAD day for skiing. First off, Frozen Dead Guy Days was going on in Ned, making the drive home UNBEARABLY long and slow. But interesting! (No, I'm not making this up! This was the festival's 7th year. Mmm hmm.) Second, and worst of all, at 9:30am, a 9 year old girl was air-lifted to Children's Hospital with a crushed chest. She was on a black run, as were a bunch of ski teams, and she was crashed into. They closed the Blue and Black runs to children under 10 and let all the parents know that the kids wouldn't be learning anything new today, just staying safe and having fun, easy runs. Yikes! It was CRAZY crowded, partly because of FDGD and also because of the 10+ ski teams that were up practicing. But also, it's getting to the end of the season, only 6 or so weeks left, so it's going to be packed from now on. We won't be going up on Saturday, although Ted and I hope to join Wendy in Breck over Spring Break for a few fun ski days. Still waiting on the sitter situation! Anyway, Ted had a good skiing day and came home to open his presents from the family. He loved his Indiana Jones lego sets and Leapster gameboy. As luck would have it, G'ma and G'pa Kessie's gifts arrived too! More wonderful books, of which Ted is a huge, huge fan.

Sunday: I forgot all about Daylight Savings Time and got Ted to Sunday School an hour late. Oops. Luckily they still had 45 minutes left of class so he didn't miss it all. Geesh. We spent a GLORIOUS late morning in the park, having a picnic, riding bikes, playing with pinecones and sticks, and just relishing the gorgeous day. Then Sam and Mae's bikes got stolen. I know...what?!? They were "too tired" to ride them home so we left them up at the park (about 6 houses from ours) and went back to collect them later. They were gone! Helmets were there, but no 12" with training wheels and no tricycle. Amazing. We went to Wahoo's for dinner just for the spring-y heck of it and every behaved. I did order Mae and myself 2 dinners, because I forgot that I had (JUST) ordered us Noodles from next door. Oops. Heh. Yes, I enjoyed my margarita too.

Monday: The van wouldn't start. Paul and I went to Safeway to look for jumper cables and found Sam's bike! In the bike rack! Woo hoo! Joyriding, I guess. Hope we find the trike too. We finally found some at Wally-World (Paul's first time in the store, he'd like to document!) and got the van going. Sam brought Eyeball home for a visit and much joy ensued. Ted did TKD and then I had bookclub. I had picked Blackwater for this month's book and while it wasn't the most pleasant or fun book club ever, it was certainly lively! We're going lighter for next month with Water for Elephants.

Tuesday: A Judy's Pool Day, as Sam says. Eyeball came along and then we took him to lunch with Sam's pals Jason and Benji. More TKD for Ted and then for me. I taught Songahm 3 to the two new students. I'm a pretty good teacher, I think. I really like this form. The jump front kick is pretty fun.

Wednesday: Phew! Hump Day. This was a really good day. Wendy and I went on a hike with Ole, then picked up fresh hydration pack bladders (for the boys ...I had let them get moldy ... ewww!) and new Yaktrax for me, since mine died and I can't hike my favorite trail without them. They are neon yellow. Word. After picking up the little ones, we headed to Grand Rabbits to look for an Eyeball, i.e., the same koala stuffed animal. Success! Sam was PSYCHED! After school Ted had his 6 Year Well Check. He's 44 pounds and 45 inches tall. 25% for height and 50% for weight. That baffles me since he looks so skinny to me. He needed 2 shots which FREAKED him out because I had promised him no shots this time. Oops. We are going back on Friday for bloodwork (to check his allergy numbers .. hoping he's outgrown or at least lowered his numbers on the dairy) so he'll have his shots then, followed by a visit to Target for more Legos or Pokemon cards, I assume. He went from such a big kid to a sobbing little boy in the space of those 4 words, "He needs 4 shots." Poor thing!

And that's been the last few days! Rosa comes for a visit on Monday and I am so excited! ... End Transmission ...

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