Friday, April 25, 2008

Adventures with Adam

Today Adam spent the day with me, while Wendy took Ted skiing at A-basin. Sadly, he was cold and seemingly tired, so he didn't have the blast I thought he would. Oh well. Adam, on the other hand, had a very happy day.

Sam, of course, refused to go to school with his buddy at home, so I kept Sam home too. First was a rousing game of fall-off-the-scratching-post while I hung out the laundry (LOVE saying that!), then they played a (sketchy) game of Candyland.

Next came our trip to Toyota, where the boys got popcorn and entertained themselves with balloons and running around while I chatted with Filo (the guy who sold me the van) about the Highlander (hybrid). More on that later.

Next we had lunch at Noodles (Adam assured me that noodles were ok for Passover, but not ice cream.)

It was time to pick up Mae so we played on the playground at the JCC for a while, then went in to Shabbat Sing. Adam was so good ... completely transfixed and attentive the entire time.

Then more playing on the playground followed by a trip to the ice cream store (Adam conveniently forgot his previous ban on ice cream).

Once home, Mae went down for her nap and the boys watched a Pikachu movie and afterwards had to be kept outside because they were so loud. They had a blast together.

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Wendy said...

Thanks for hanging with Adam McAdam McBean. And Ted did have a good time. I think he had fun from 8-5 minus about 45 minutes in the car by himself. That's a pretty good ratio.