Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Much goings-on

And I don't just mean our crazy Colorado weather! (On Tuesday it was 82. On Wednesday is snowed. Whaaa...?)

Monday I kept Ted home from school to treat his asthma aggressively (i.e., we wanted him to be well enough to go to the Zoo Overnight on Thursday!) While I did treat him every 4 hours, we also took a 3 hour hike! He discovered a trail on a path we always take, so we had to follow it. We meandered all around and finally came out at a trail we knew. This is all right behind our neighborhood. We violated my not-eating-out-with-kids-who-don't-appreciate-it rule and had a Starbucks snack. Then TaeKwonDo for the boys and Bookclub for me. The boys are getting ready for a tournament on Saturday. Ted gets to spar (so do I! Yikes!) so he's been practicing for that in class.

Tuesday he went to school and then TKD for more practice. I had my class that night and got all suited up for my first sparring session. It's a LOT of work! The equipment is so heavy, it's hard to see and IMPOSSIBLE to talk (because of the mouth guard.) Oy! It was a beautiful summery day and I ran my 2.5 miles in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt!

Wednesday I got refitted for my orthotics and worked the 9Healthfair at preschool. Then collected all children and came home to prepare a VERY long cooking, but low maintenance, pozole dish. YUM. I bought some dried hominy from "my farmer" at the Farmer's Market Saturday (and more Indian woman beans!) and couldn't wait to try it out. My version doesn't have NEAR the kick it needs, but I didn't have any chiles and just used lots of chili powder. Nothing doing. But it is so good anyway. Yum!!! If you like Mexican food, try it! It takes 2 days to prepare, but you don't do much at all besides set timers. I'm going to try it Vcon-style tomorrow and do it in soup bowls with cornbread topping, like a pot pie. YUM!

Tomorrow Ted goes on his K/1 overnight to the Zoo! He is so excited. I need to go pack for him right now. Paul will be chaperoning (lots of dads, isn't that sweet?) The kids helped me bake 4 dozen peanut butter M&M cookies (Ted's choice) since we are in charge of dessert. Yum! We used Vive's recipe for peanut butter cookies and added 1/2 cup of mini M&Ms. They are scrumptious!

I need to spend some time tomorrow and Friday planning our seder. We are going to the Stoutenberg's for 1st night and are hosting 2nd night here at home. We've invited 2 families and it's going to be ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. I can't wait. I also can't talk about it much because I know Wendy reads the blog and she's coming. I hope it'll be fun for the kids.

Saturday is the TKD Tournament. Ted and Sam go at 8 and I don't go til 12:45. Not sure what's going to happen there.

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