Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another challenge

This month's challenge over at Chile Chews is to identify an 'addiction' and do without it for a month. Mine is eating out. I love my Monday night sushi night (alone with a book and delicious sushi ... heaven) but what am I really craving? Time alone to read? Delicious food? Let's try a month without it. We also love biking to Wahoo's, eating outside, and then biking home. It's a fun summer tradition. Let's try picnicking in the park instead. I have 2 exceptions: Girl's Night and Paul's birthday dinner. Other than that, no eating out in June. Check.

Green Bean's Bookworm Challenge is going to continue because we all love it so much. I read SOOOO many eco books this month. I just plowed through "Radical Simplicity" and am working my way through "Food Not Lawns" by H.C. Flores. I didn't post a review of "Last Child in the Woods," last month's book, so I'll do that soon. "Radical Simplicity" was a great, fast read. I'll review that tomorrow. Good stuff.

We opened a savings account today. For the month of May, we managed to save 2K plus some change. It was REALLY interesting to record EVERY SINGLE PENNY and see where we're spending money. Since we're not buying anything new and using up all our pantry stores, we're in a good place. It doesn't feel like deprivation; it feels like SUCCESS that we CAN DO THIS. I'm hoping to save $2500 next month, so the deposit of 2K doesn't completely empty the account. We'll do it. Rock on.

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