Saturday, May 3, 2008

a perfect day

Today's chavurah at the Shoenfelds came at an opportune time. Both Becky and I are "into" the "locavore movement" and found out today that we both are also "into" the "voluntary simplicity movement" as well. We chatted about starting up a Jewish-themed Voluntary Simplicity group at HHS. We also talked about the book Last Child in the Woods, which I'm reading for the Bookworm Challenge. All this while our kids climbed robes, traversed wires, zipped across our heads, played (literally) 6+ hours of soccer, and generally ran happily amok from 9:30am til 5:30pm. Perfect. Just perfect. Meanwhile, the dads joined the kids in soccer, spotting them in times of worry on the zip line and took them on occasional 'adventures' to the creek while the moms sat on the porch swing and talked. Perfect.

I went to the Farmer's Market this morning (chickened out of the bike ride and we all went together in the car) and bought a gallon of Compost Tea from the EcoCycle booth, as well as 3 dozen eggs, spinach, beets, cheeses and mushrooms. We stored those in a cooler in the shade for the day, but I had to get my plants into the ground tonight to use the Compost Tea in all its compost-y goodness. I put everything in but the tomatoes, so: broccoli, carrots, swiss chard, spinach, mint and sugar snap peas. Ted helped. Everyone took a bath (WOW the dirt!) and crashed without a peep tonight. Perfect. What a lovely day! More scary action pics on moeltini.

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