Monday, May 12, 2008

a plan

We have news. We are going to move to Boulder. W00t! This will be a 12-24 month process of building up equity in this house and padding our savings for a hefty down payment. We had a good talk on Saturday night about our priorities. Mostly, our focus now needs to be at Horizons. We'll be there for 11 years, and another 4 if you count high school. It makes sense to live in Boulder. And for me, I want to live close enough to school to be able to walk (6 blocks or so is out far enough, I think). I want to be able to bike or walk to the store for essentials. And we will be. Soon. Now that I have a goal, my whole obsessive leap into the Voluntary Simplicity movement will have some backbone behind it. Paul is willing to move; I want to move. All we need to do is save for it. Will do. I've been paring down anyway and I have to tell the truth - I don't miss the shopping! I drove past Target today on my way home from the library and I didn't even WANT to stop in. I don't want anything! (Well, I would like a bird feeder, but I'm working on scoring that in some other way. Used, donated, make-your-own? We'll see.) I almost feel a sense of relief that I have 'an excuse' for not shopping, for not having new clothes, for not buying my kids new plastic crap just to give myself an hour of free time. I feel more peaceful and content than I have in a long time. Now, back to reading. Lordy, my eyes are going to fall out!

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Paul let me sleep in and then I had a nice long run. Ted and I walked to Starbucks to enjoy my Mother's Day card from my mom. We had ice cream cake from Glacier (mmm!) and grilled (veggie) burgers and watermelon for dinner. A restful day. I finished up my bookclub book and am on to Not Buying It which is a good read.

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epin said...

Wow. Congrats on making this big decision!