Tuesday, May 27, 2008

want $1 off your latte?

Today it was FREEZING! My sweet mother had sent me a beautifully decorated Starbucks gift card for Mother's Day (I, on the other hand, was too flummoxed by her hospital stay to even send her anything! I know, I'm pathetic. Luckily, she still loves me anyway. Yes! A card is on its way to her. Geesh.) Anyway, I went ahead and 'registered' the pretty card at Starbucks.com, since Wendy said it would get me free soymilk. Although I don't go to Starbucks much anymore, today's chilly temps begged for a steamy latte. Off I went, personal cup in hand, to my local drive-thru. "Grande Personal Cup Sugar Free Hazelnut Soy Latte, please, " I said. "That'll be $4," was the reply. Ouch. I'm glad I make mine at home. I drove up and handed the barista my rosebud card. She came back and said, "Wow! You saved an entire dollar!" She showed me my receipt and, sure enough, free soymilk and SF Hazelnut syrup ($.45 each) plus a $.10 personal cup discount and my total was $3.25 ($.25 tax). Not bad! Not something I'll do every day like I used to, but nice for a treat. Next time, I'm going to order a Tall (12oz) size and see what the total is.

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